Mary Molina-MacFie

Mary Molina-Macfie is a long-time civic activist that has championed many causes in her community, throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Ms. Molina-Macfie will bring her passion of service and gratefulness to the EMS/First Responder community to The for Paul Foundation to honor, appreciate, and support our heroes and their families. 

Ms. Molina-Macfie currently serves as a city commissioner for the beautiful city of Weston, Florida.  Ms. Molina-Macfie is an alternate for the Broward County Water Advisory Board. After the Surfside Tower collapse, Ms. Molina-Macfie was appointed to the Broward County Condominium Structural Issues Committee by the Mayor of Broward County.  Recently Ms. Molina-Macfie started the first Veterans Association in Weston, Veterans of Weston (VOW).  She is a former Vice Chairperson of the Consumer Affairs Board of Broward County, Vice Chair of the Broward Coalition of Condominium & Homeowner Associations, and a Board Member of the Weston YMCA Family Center which offers programs for every age including water safety & education for drowning prevention and swim lessons for every age of which she is a huge proponent


Professionally, Ms. Molina-Macfie is a business owner who has a long history of understanding the dilemmas of property managers and individuals residing within Homeowner and Condominium Associations.  She has continuously taken classes for the last 15 years on topics such as landscaping & irrigation, building structural issues, roofing, asphalt, budgeting, ethics, contracts, human resources, cultural diversity and domestic violence to maintain her certification and licensing in Mediation and Community Association Management.


Personally, Mary is mom to two, now adult and successful daughters.  Heather is a senior field engineer for Tesla Motors and Brook, the youngest, a teacher in training.  Having already earned a 1st Black Belt in karate, when she is not running from meeting to meeting, volunteering her time to others in need.  Mary enjoys spending some quiet time with a good book and her dog, Taco, curled up at her side.  


As a third and fourth-degree burn survivor Ms. Molina-Macfie says “I certainly don't take anything our first responders do for granted. The life altering dangers they're willing to face to help save lives on a daily basis is very real and unimaginable. We have some selfless and very brave people amongst us that are willing to do what they have to in order to save others. My deepest respect and gratitude is always with these heroes.”