The Griffis Family
Tyler and Ethan

FF/Medic Daniel Griffis and his family are experiencing unimaginable circumstances this holiday season.  In early fall Daniel and his wife Brianne recieved a call that would change their lives forever, their youngest son Tyler was having a seizure at school. Tyler was diagnosed with epilepsy and undergoing treatment when the family recieved abother call from school. Tyler  was having chest pains and heart palpatations. Daniel took him to his station to perform an EKG that was alarming, they took tyler to be seen immediately and they would soon learn Tyler has heart damage, a congenital heart defect.

Even with insurance the cost of some of the tests, travel, and time missed from work are not included.  The Griffis family will be traveling to Boston and Minnesota for treatment all during the holiday season.  Please help us help them keep Tyler and his older brother Ethan's Christmas happy and bright by helping us fill their Christmas Wish Lists.   You can shop for Tyler's wish list here:Tyler's Wish List and his big brother's Ethans here: Ethan's Wish List