The For Paul Foundation supports First Responders, EMS, Ambulance Personnel, Medical Flight Services and their families. When a first responder or their family members need support or assistance The For Paul Foundation steps up to help as needed. Through donations, services, or any other areas our first responder families could benefit from.

We are honored  to support The National EMS Memorial service by providing comfort bags for families at The National EMS Memorial and sponsor children's activities during the weekend.  At the memorial weekend we are able to meet with EMS families and help provide guidance and support. 

Our Nationwide Peer Support Group for Families that have experienced a line of duty death takes place monthly. For more information on joining the peer support group please call Dawn at 954.540.0268.

We support first year Line of Duty families with our "Heroes for the Holiday" program where we help with the holidays for families that have recently suffered a line of duty death. We take care of the holiday needs for each family including decorating their home, holiday dinner, and making sure the children's holiday wish lists are fulfilled. 

There is no end to the support we offer our first responders and their families. Just some examples of what we have been able to accomplish: We have provided meals and much needed supplies to First Responders working during national disasters, put together celebrations of life to honor first responders killed in the line of duty , and even helped a department secure and start a Canine program to help with the mental health of our first responders.